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Ron has recently retired. He plans to spend the summers barbecuing and giving us advice. The manufacturing facility is moving down the road to St. Ignatius, MT. We are providing the same great same quality tools and continued service as before. Please don't hesitate to give us a call.
Thank you - Toby Yoder
- Featured Product & Optional Attachments -
Ron's Manufactures:
- Montana Edgers
- Round Edge Edgers
- Straight French Edgers
- Cantle Binding Trimmers
- Verlane's Stitch Ripper
- Plier Bleeders
- Groovers
- Horn Trimmers
- Rand/Welt Knife
- Stirrup Stretcher
- Drawdown Hornse
- Cantle Binding Sewing Sewing Attachment
Drawdown Horse
  The bard and the top are built to
mate with the saddle treebars so it
imitates a horses back. The saddle
tree sets on the stand in the same
position that it would be on a horse,
allowing you an easier way to visual-
ize your shirts and rigging line.
  The drawdown ratchet can be
worked from the front or back. Also,
there is no bar to hit your shins. The
spring helps maintain tension on your
seat strap as you work the seat into place.
  The drawdown features a hydraulic mechanism in the base that allows you to change the height of work. It has an 8" adjustment from 37' to 45" which saves your back. The drawdown also turns, therefore you no longer need to walk around your work.

Cantle Binding Sewing Attachment
   This attachment will tilt
the saddle up giving you
better visibility while sewing
the cantle. Also works well
to aid in stamping the
cantle and swell cover.

Newest Item - Laser Attachment
We make a laser attachment that
can attach right to our draw down.
After finding the center point of the
horn and the top of the cantle, the
laser projects a cross on the
saddletree from above. One line
gives you an exact 90 degree to
the centrer line of the tree, allow-
ing you a place to measure for the
placement of the rigging plates,
stirrup leather slots, and more.
short 32" - $215
long 36" - $225

  We use a hardened acme threaded rod to stretch the stirrups. As the leather is stretched, our stretchers are also twisted 30-degrees past 90-degrees. The pegs at the bottom for the stirrups go around, are tilted foward 15-degrees causing the thead of the stirrup to hang parallel to the bottom of your fool, as you sit in the saddle. This releaves strain on the riders ankles and knees.
  The block for the top of the stirrup has been kept wide and round so as not to set the break in the stirrup leather where it would go over the bar of the tree.
  Advantages of the stretcher is it doesn't tie up the draw down and its small enough to hang on the wall out of the way.
Ron's Tool Company has evolved from a need to have good quality leather working hand tools . The design of each tool is the result of leather working experience and knowledge of how a tool should perform. Ron's uses the highest quality steel and other componets to manufacture a tool that is unsurpassed in composition and utility. Each tool  handle is made with cocobola wood for unsurpassed duribility. We also shipped worldwide.